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Online Higher Education

Online Higher Education

Higher Education degree programs are pursued by those who wish to become instructors and administrators at the college or university level. The role of Higher Education administrators is to work with students in colleges and universities to help them meet their academic, professional, personal, cultural, and social goals. A Higher Education degree will ensure that these professionals are prepared for the unique challenges of a higher-level institution of learning. A master’s degree will typically prepare graduates for an entry-level administrative position within a college or university.

Required Qualifications

Requirements for a master’s degree program in Higher Education include a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Some senior-year undergraduates may also qualify if they possess a superior GPA. A doctorate program will likely require a master’s degree and academic references, as well as a minimum GPA. Each school may differ in regards to admission requirements, so it is wise to consult an admissions counselor for further details.

Core Benefits of Pursuing the Course Online

  • It offers a wide range of options, you are sure to find one that suits your specific needs.
  • It offers greater flexibility to students who want to advance their careers and academic skills and knowledge.
  • Most online degree programs can be completed at your own pace, one class at a time. Also, you can utilize the accelerated online tracks if you wish to speed up your learning process.

Curriculum Track

With an Online Degree in Higher Education, Students Can Specialize In:

  • Student Development
  • Organization and Governance
  • Organizational Change
  • Higher Education and Diversity
  • College Leadership
  • Student Services

Topics covered in the master’s program will exclusively include leadership skills, modern pedagogical techniques, and theoretical frameworks within a Higher Education facility. Some online Higher Education degree programs require students to complete an internship, independent research project, or thesis.

Job Prospects and Salaries

High-level administrative positions in a college or university that offer outstanding benefits and starting salaries are the places that an online Higher Education degree holder can aspire to occupy. Graduates can go on to serve as Higher Education administrators, department chairs, deans, provosts, and more. They could be in charge of managing budgets and finances; recruiting, hiring, and managing faculty and staff; and establishing and maintaining academic policies. The United States Department of Labor reports state that the median income for Postsecondary Education administrators is over $86,000. Jobs are expected to grow by at least 12% over the next several years for high school educators.

With the education industry currently experiencing a shortage of qualified and degreed professionals, there has never been a better time to complete a degree in Higher Education. So go ahead and choose the online Higher Education degree program that suits you the most from the list of courses offered by the most accredited universities across the United States. The respective college or university will assist you in making sure that the online Higher Education degree program you choose is the best choice for your educational and career goals.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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