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Online Elementary Education

Online Elementary Education

Teaching in an elementary school means working with children in kindergarten through sixth grade and creating an environment for their creativity to find expression, and for their endless quest for knowledge to continue. The role of an educator, in this case, lies way beyond the core aspect of instilling knowledge, as there are more responsibilities of marshaling these raw minds towards resolving differences, solving problems, verbalizing ideas, and expressing themselves creatively. This leaves the onus on the teacher to meticulously follow the students’ interests and give them the necessary reading, writing, and math skills that will form the basis of all their future learning. With the importance placed on quality education for America’s children these days, there is immense pressure on teachers to burnish their skills and prove their standard. The online Elementary Education degree comes in handy for those who are determined to foster their career with respect to these growing necessities.

Required Qualifications

Elementary school teachers are required to have, at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree in teaching and an Elementary Education teaching certificate. Candidates can also pursue an online master’s degree in Elementary Education by choosing to specialize in certain areas such as math, music, science, language arts, etc. and gain advantage over their peers.

Core Benefits of Pursuing the Course Online

    • It offers a wide range of options, you are sure to find one that suits your specific needs.
    • You will enjoy greater scheduling flexibility with the online classes, as you can learn from home, classroom, or even a local coffee shop.
    • Most online degree programs can be completed at your own pace, one class at a time. Also, you can utilize the accelerated online tracks if you wish to speed up your learning process.

Curriculum Track

A degree in Elementary Education focuses on educational psychology, learning styles, and classroom management, among other core courses. Candidates are required to focus on developing their teaching skills in mathematics, reading, writing, and social studies. Earning an elementary teaching certificate also requires a student teaching internship or practicum in an elementary school before graduation.

Note: The difference between Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education is that typically early childhood education is from pre-K through the fourth grade, while Elementary Education runs from fourth through the eighth grade.

Job Prospects and Salaries

Graduates can work as classroom teachers, teaching students a variety of subjects in a self-contained classroom or specializing in a specific subject area. One can also serve as a counselor or administrator. Other positions such as librarian, reading specialist, instructional coordinator, curriculum developer, and mentor teacher are available. The income for teachers with an online Elementary Education degree varies by level of teaching, years of experience, subject area, and location. The average national annual salary for teachers in the United States is $46,000, and the range falls between $26,000 and $71,000. Teachers with a bachelor’s degree can start earning about $32,000.

There is nothing like an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of children who will grow to become the future of the United States. If you really enjoy working with young children, go ahead and choose the online Elementary Education program that suits you the most from the list of courses offered by the most accredited universities across the United States. The respective college or university will assist you in making sure that the online elementary degree program you choose is the best choice for your educational and career goals.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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