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An online degree in Adult Education helps individuals interested in this field, master the art of training adult students in colleges, universities, vocational schools, and continuing education programs. The education programs in adult education are designed to enable learners in becoming more productive citizens as well as in improving their skills related to business, work culture, and family standards. The courses, sometimes, also include remedial courses in math, reading, languages, history, writing, science, and other areas.

The online degree programs in adult education develop in a candidate, strong skills in strategy-building, interpersonal behavior and communication as these are crucial when working with adult learners. People willing to pursue this specialization need to possess good social skills as there will be interactions involved with people from a wide range of social backgrounds.

Required Qualification and Skills

Basically, a bachelor degree from any accredited university/college will qualify a pursuant to get into adult education. Some states may require a standard teacher’s certification for those teaching publicly funded programs. Also, administrators, at times, may need a master’s degree or doctorate in community education and administration or a bachelor’s or a master’s degree if the candidate is going to handle GED students.

However, some adult and continuing education employments require no formal training and there are some others that demand demonstrated expertise and education. For example, a photography teacher may need a professional portfolio to qualify for a position, a writing instructor may need to be a published author, or a personal finance instructor may need an accounting background.

Core Benefits of Pursuing the Course Online

  • Online courses offer a wide range of options. Hence, the aspirant is sure to find one that suits them.
  • It offers great scheduling flexibility as the candidate can learn from home, classroom or even a coffee shop
  • Self-paced learning is the biggest feature of online courses where the programs can be completed at one’s own speed with one class at a time. Similarly, the learning process can be accelerated if the candidate wants to complete the course early.

Curriculum Track

An Adult Education course curriculum involves instructions and training on teaching adults, using technology in teaching, training on interacting with learners from a variety of cultures, understanding second-language acquisition theory and linguistics, and teaching adults with learning disabilities. In addition, modules on citizenship and naturalization processes are also included as a part.

Nature of work

Adult Education teachers find work in a variety of educational setups and usually train their students in courses such as Art, Music, Math, Language, Technology, Cooking, and Health. These classes are usually held as the evening classes at public high schools. Most schools that offer basic adult education courses provide instruction in Reading, Writing, Mathematics, and often English as a second language. At times teachers may even need to assist students in acquiring successful study skills and in building self-confidence. Setting clear objectives for students, guiding/ counseling them, and tracking their progress is also a part of adult education teachers at times. Teachers, also, may have to train students with learning or physical disabilities and hence, they must possess an understanding of how to help such students achieve their goals.

Job Prospects and Salaries

After completing an online Adult Education degree, you can find employment in community colleges, universities, nonprofit organizations, corporate training institutes, job training centers, and other facilities that employ Adult Education instructors such as places offering e-learning programs. With a campus or online Adult Education degree, university instructors and lecturers earn between $37,000 and $73,000, while college professors with PhD earn even more. Training specialists and managers can earn over $67,000 per year. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook 2008, salaries for Adult Education teachers are expected to go up by 14% by 2016, especially for those teaching English language courses.

With such a positive outlook for job growth and lucrative salaries in the years ahead, pursuing an online Adult Education degree seems to be a prudent choice for aspiring teachers. If you are inclined to work with adult students, then go ahead and choose the online Adult Education degree program that suits you the most from the list of courses offered by accredited universities. The respective college or university will assist you in making sure that the Adult Education degree program you choose is the best choice for your educational and career goals.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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