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What browsers do I need?

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 8 or above (Windows)
  2. Mozilla Firefox Version 10 or above (Windows or Mac)
  3. Google Chrome 10 or above (Windows)
  4. Safari 3.1 or above (Windows)
  5. Opera 11.61 or above (Windows)

What plug-ins do I need?

For a better experience of some sections of the site you require the Acrobat Reader,

Click here to download Acrobat Reader

How do I navigate through the site?

A global navigation is available throughout the site. Some sections also show sub-menus for navigation, besides breadcrumbs displaying your journey to the section you are on.

What is the recommended display resolution?

We recommend a resolution of 1024×768 with a minimum of 16 bit screen color depth.

Do you use javascripts on the site?

Yes, we do use Javascripts but you don’t have to install any special plug-ins.

Our site is compliant with