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New AP Courses Tested in Various Schools

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The College Board and Cambridge University have partnered together to offer a new advanced placement course designed to help students in their preparation for college. The program, AP Cambridge Capstone Program and Credential, is designed to help students develop a stronger background in areas—independent research, collaborative teamwork, and 21st-century knowledge—that are increasingly important in college.

This new program comes in response to recommendations by college admissions officers stating that high school students are often missing key skills as they move on to university life.

“They said U.S. students are not coming to college having developed research skills and the ability to integrate knowledge across a variety of academic disciplines,” Trevor Packer, senior vice president of Advanced Placement and College Readiness for the College Board said to Education Week.

Two specific courses are going to be introduced in 15 to 18 schools this fall in addition to existing advanced placement courses: the AP/Cambridge Interdisciplinary Investigations and Critical Reasoning Seminar to 11th graders, and the AP/Cambridge Capstone Research Project taken in the 12th grade.

The interdisciplinary investigations and critical reasoning seminar is designed to help students work in groups and explore topics of discussion and research. They will be required to choose their own topics and pair them with multiple disciplines.

The capstone research project has 12th graders taking those topics and designing their own research project and completing a 4,500 to 5,000 word paper. The paper will be evaluated on the student’s ability to design, plan, and manage a research project, analyze information and data, and present their results.

Four schools in Miami-Dade School District in Florida have been chosen to help pilot the program in the United States. Goleman High, Southridge Senior High, North Miami Beach Senior High and Miami Palmetto High will introduce the program into their curriculum next year.

Packer explained that these schools have been chosen due to their high academic achievement.

”There’s no district in the world that has achieved a higher number of Hispanic students earning AP exam scores of three or higher,” Packer said at an event announcing the schools’ participation in the program.

In order for students to receive the Capstone Credential certification they must pass at least three AP classes with a score of at least a three out of five or higher as well as passing the two new courses.

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