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Online Bachelor Degree in Teacher Education

Online Bachelor Degree in Teacher Education

An Online Bachelor Degree in Teacher Education will extensively prepare you for what you will encounter in a classroom setting. Students with a high school diploma, GED, or associate’s degree can apply for a bachelor’s degree in education. It usually takes four years to complete, with approximately 60 semester hours of coursework. However, accelerated online tracks for bachelor’s degree in education are available for those who wish to speed up the pace of their online education.

Core Benefits

A Online Bachelor Degree in Teacher Education is imperative for anyone who aspires to become a childhood or elementary teacher. Public schools in particular require teachers to be licensed and hold a bachelor’s degree in education. However, many secondary teachers major in their subject area and complete teaching requirements through special programs or by completing state teacher certification requirements, simultaneously with their bachelor’s degree.

Benefits of pursuing the course online:

  • It will prepare you for classroom teaching at the K-12 level, and in various disciplines, just as a traditionally accredited college degree would.
  • It offers a wide range of options, you are sure to find one that suits your needs.
  • You will enjoy greater scheduling flexibility with the online classes, as you can learn from home, classroom, or even a local coffee shop.
  • Most online degree programs can be completed at your own pace, one class at a time. Also, you can utilize the accelerated online tracks if you wish to speed up your learning process.

Job Prospects and Salaries

Teachers with a bachelor’s degree in education often go on to pursue additional educational training, including a master’s or PhD in education or a national certification, thereby increasing their earning potential. This is because, as with the teaching job, the more certificates and qualifications you possess, the higher your pay will be. Typical salaries may range anywhere from $30,000 to $80,000, once you supplement your qualification with a specialized online degree. In some schools, teachers can also make extra money for coaching sports and monitoring various other extracurricular activities. According to the US National Center for Education Statistics, there are over 21,870 public elementary schools currently. Job opportunities are plenty provided you meet the expected requirements of the institutes.

You are probably pondering whether it might be possible to achieve your dream of becoming a teacher while continuing to work and balance the needs of your family. With online education being such a convenient reality, all of your career goals are now within reach. So go ahead and choose an online bachelor’s degree that suits you the most from the list of courses offered by various accredited universities across the United States. The respective college or university will assist you in making sure that the bachelor’s degree program you choose is the best choice for your educational and career goals.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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